2018-06-07 10:38

We are online since 1/1/2017


I welcome you to Unlimited Online, A newly established server which is deeply in-depth and filled with wonders and great adventures waiting to be discovered. We are no different from any other server but we might as well relate to some to which endorse in a player-centered community, we knew to ourselves that not only we must put our ideals aside we must evaluate and hear out the players expectation and so doing we promte an extravagant gaming experience willing to take risk and challenges to reach the ideal end of a god server.
We do not indulge ourselves in a self-interest type of play, we make sure that every player takes part to decide the server's well-being and process, We know our servers well but we latter must seek players response in a sense, to connecto to them well and establish a great bond to ensure the greatest efficiency to be taken, to seek out the best features out there.


What is Unlimited Online?

A newly created server establishing new boundaries and new worlds, finding a new sphere of creation in a world filled with adventure from a previous ERA. A team and system ready to support the frequent and future projects of the entire server.


Who is the owner?

he to us is one that mainly contributed to the whole system, hes friendly and closeness vibe gives the servers line-up, with his huge expertise he will make things possible with the help of the players as well. Thanks to him the server was finally created and made possible after some collisions and compromise. He would always suppport the team and its players throughout the whole gaming experience, a never ending aid to the moments he will create.


Frequent updates

For one to make a stable server, one must be in-depth with the latest features and secury and so in doing occasional updates are run to make the server as stable and secured as ever, we do not want players to experience inconvenience whatsoever so that is why we often do this, to keep you in touch with the latest variety the outside world can give.


Why are we different?

We know that there are immensely created servers out there, to which have their own specific set of features to provide, we feel that we are different from them, we take pleasure in giving the utmost service to others by connecting to players and seek out their worries to the server's development.
We are a player-centered server, we as ever knew will never disarray of our responsibilities, we would always look out for each and every players out there, and as thanks for the moments players would establish a bond, an outstanding support team would do its very best to attain the needs of the players, and Would always ask future projects and processes to give you the best gameplay than any other server.



Server Info

  • Cap 110
  • Race EU/CH
  • Mastery(CH/EU) 330/220
  • Gold drop rate 10x
  • Alchemy rate Improved greatly in stages
  • Job Gold rate 300x
  • EXP/SP rate 150x
  • Party EXP/SP rate 160x
  • Drop Rate 40x
  • FGW Working
  • FGW Drop Rate 3x
  • Botting Allowed


  • Servertime: 13:54:03
  • Fortresswar:
  • FW Register: Everyday
  • CTF:
  • Roc: